Dogs with Dog Walker

Rewarded behavior is repeated behavior!



One-time consultation: $75, 45 mins. If you choose a package, this price is absorbed into the price of the package!

Single session: $140. Sessions are 60-90 mins.

6 session package: $750 ($90 savings!)

8 session package: $1000 ($120 savings!) Includes AKC STAR Puppy test (if applicable)

10 session package: $1250 ($150 savings!) Includes a $200 Woofbox* and AKC STAR Puppy test (if applicable)

12 session package (New! PUPPIES 17 WEEKS AND UNDER ONLY) $1500 ($180 savings!) Includes $300 Woofbox* and AKC STAR Puppy test

AKC CGC or Tricks test (any level): $100

* Woofbox may include necessities such as crate, puzzles, harness, chew toys, training tools, etc. Much of it is customized product from local small businesses. Everyone loves their Woofbox!! Woofbox only good with 10- and 15-session packages when paid in full upfront. Does not apply when smaller packages are combined.
* Price of any package is due IN FULL on or before first session.

* Prices include up to 2 dogs of same household
* Extra fees apply for service dog training or aggression
* Add $10 per session fuel surcharge for Henderson, East LV, and North Las Vegas.